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Logopress American Distributor
DieDesign from SOLIDWORKS™ & LogoPress™

Our entire line of 3D products has achieved SOLIDWORKS™ Gold Partner status. Every day we continue to improve our software keeping in mind this high requirement of SOLIDWORKS™ integration.

123GO Full Flatten StripLayout DieDesign DieDesign PREMIUM
Feature description Products DieDesign
Unbend a part with linear bends, extrusions, etc.
Flatten a complex (double-curved) part (surface or solid)
Thinning & thickening info
Stress & strain info
Design the strip layout
Round draw functionality
Build and manage a tool structure for dies, gages...
Customizable plates & die sets
Light standard components library (screws, pins, nuts, washers)
Full standard catalog components library for die design
Hundreds of advanced features for designing the tool
DIE DEBUGGER® (Die motion simulation with dynamic interference detection)
Hole table, automatic drawings, BOM for die design
PBC: Progressive unforming – Creates intermediate stages for designing dies for complex stamped parts.
ProgSim8: Incremental Forming Simulation for parts not larger than 8 inches/ 204mm
ProgSim12: Incremental Forming Simulation for parts not larger than 12 inches/ 305mm
ProgSimX: Incremental Forming Simulation for all part sizes

Included in the product/package
Available Option
Not included & Not available

We’ve spent a number of months researching 3D die design packages for SOLIDWORKS. After careful evaluation, we have chosen LogoPress based on several important factors.
A few key factors include:

  • Easy to use and therefore short learning curve
  • It keeps SOLIDWORKS features intact
  • Straight forward and very clean work environment
  • Phenomenal integration with SWx
  • Standard Components are excellent
  • Drawings are very clear and annotations work very well

Theta Industries Ltd - Canada.
TTS Transfer Technology Solutions Inc

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