Round Draw Module

Logopress™ strip layout module also includes great and specific features and capabilities dedicated to Round Draw Parts.

For those who have to manage this kind of parts, this may mean saving several hours of work or even several days! Take a look at the pictures below they speak more than a long explanation would, knowing that all of this is done in less than 5 minutes!

It's also important to highlight that as everything is parametric, any changes can be done very quickly. In addition to that, you will find it very interesting to note that this is not newly developed technology, but rather has been well proven for 18 years in our Logopress2 2D product.

Round Draw Module

Key functions :

  • Automatic computation of each intermediate stage
  • Material type of drawn part automatically determines what draw reductions are used
  • Customizable computation database to include your experience and know how
  • Automatic re-computation when changing a radius or a diameter
  • Stripper pressure computation
  • Automatic and customizable web management
  • Graphical overlays of previous stations or subsequent stations

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