Die Simulation / Dynamic Interference Detection

In addition to all of these tools & features designed to increase your productivity, LogoPress™ DieDesign also includes a Die Simulation command along with a Dynamic Interference Detection. This command provides far more than just a visual animation and assures that mistakes are caught at the design stage and not at the much more expensive and time consuming build stage of the die.

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It can simulate not only progressive dies, but also transfer dies, fineblank dies and also fourslide and multislide machines. In addition to conventional presses, users can accurately simulate motion curves for servo presses and link motion presses. Varying progression (as occurs in a transfer die) and varying lift can also be simulated, along with part rotation. Motion can follow predefined paths, for example, transfer systems and the part falling off the end of the die. Interference is checked through the entire tool as the parts of the tool are moving exactly as they would in the press.

Key functions :

  • Can simulate dies designed with or without LogoPress & SolidWorks
  • Almost no setup required for a progressive die designed with LogoPress. Just press the icon and set your press stroke, stripper travel and strip lift
  • Detects collision during the press cycle, including strip lift & advance
  • Highly visual and accurate representation of the die running in the press
  • Finds clearance issues before the die goes in the press

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