What's new Logopress3 since 1989

September 1, 2020 => Logopress3 2020 SP0.2.2

2020 > First Hit Optimizer: Helps the user determine the best position for the first hit location for the leading edge of the coil.

2020 >> Round Draw: Preliminary and quick prediction of feasibility using incremental forming simulation.

2020 >>> Add an Insert: New simplified mode for adding inserts (along with their shims) with significant performance benefits.

Current versions Solidworks certified Gold product

Logopress3 2020 SP0.2.2 built for :

SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP2, SP3, SP4 (compatible but not recommended) & SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP5

123GO 2019 SP0.5 : runs with SOLIDWORKS 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

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