Logopress3™ Nesting

Logopress3™ NESTING is an affordable, fast and easy to use product that is fully integrated inside of SOLIDWORKS™. The user starts with either a multibody part file (created with SOLIDWORKS or imported from a different CAD system) or with individual part files that are in an assembly. After setting some logical parameters that allow extreme flexibility it will quickly nest the parts per the options that you set. No formal training is necessary.

Logopress3 nesting

Logopress3™ NESTING helps widely
various industries and applications such as:

  • Sheet metal
  • Cloth, Textile Industry
  • Plastics, Adhesives
  • Aerospace
  • Leather (Shoes)
  • Composites,
  • Inflatable Objects
  • Food Industry
  • Packing, Packaging
  • Shipbuilding
  • Toys

Key functions :

  • Multiple nesting options and strategies included
  • Supports either multibody parts or parts within an assembly
  • Set sheet size to nest on or set only width
  • Angular control of parts
  • Option to nest into openings or not to
  • Option to allow parts to flip upside down
  • Flexibility in setting clearances between parts
  • Ability to set quantities for each individual part
  • Automatic report generation
Logopress3 nesting

Logopress3™ NESTING is also included in the Logopress3™ Die Design and/or Logopress3™ Strip Layout software package.