BLANK Prediction Functions (One Step)

LogoPress™ BLANK functions allow the user to quickly and easily predict the theoretical blank of 3D formed parts.
The Finite Element Analysis advanced functions helps both at the quotation stage and in the die design process. It minimizes development time in the press. Beyond the Tool & Die Industry's needs, LogoPress™ BLANK can also be used to flatten various applications, such as: cloth, plastics, adhesives, leather, inflatable objects, packaging...

Native SOLIDWORKS™ models as well as imported models can be used.

Logopress blank

The mesh is fully automatic but its size can also be adjusted if the user wishes to do so. There is no need to be a mechanical engineer with finite element analysis skills to handle the LogoPress™ BLANK module because it is very user friendly.

The LogoPress™ BLANK module is included inside the full die design package of course but can also be independently purchased if you don't need to design strip layouts and complete dies.

Key functions :

  • Manage native and/or imported data
  • Manage solids and surfaces
  • Material thickness management
  • Customizable material database
  • Choice of the "stamping starting area"
  • Choice of the "stamping direction"
  • Allow defining pinched/locked areas
  • Thinning and thickening information
  • Stress and strain information

GO EVEN FURTHER WITH PBC (Module included into DieDesign PREMIUM)
to design intermediate forming stages

GO EVEN FURTHER WITH ProgSim (Option for DieDesign or DieDesign PREMIUM)
The virtual tryout press

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